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The first online community designed for sending and receiving Personal Injury Referrals. Using word-of-mouth to build your reputation just got a whole lot easier!

​Paul Colley, Jr.

​Personal Injury Lawyer

​This platform reminds me ​of a time, many years ago, when ​everyone received referrals based on reputation and quality of services -- not marketing budget. ​This is a refreshing change!

​Dr. Matt Delgado


​I'm extremely selective in ​referring cases. In my mind, the lawyer and doctors that I refer ​​my patients to is a reflection of me and my practice. ​​The fact that I can use this site to ​see reviews before referring a patient is genius! 

​The 3 Problems of Personal Injury

​Problem #1

Getting clients/patients ​on a budget.

​The ​Personal Injury world is extremely competitive, which only increases marketing costs. ​Unfortunately, those rising costs continue to eat into the value of getting a new client/patient. 

In other words, the ​more you spend to get a new client/patient, the less you ​earn on that client/patient.

Fortunately, the solution is referrals​! When receiving a referral (either from a lawyer or provider), you're letting their marketing budget acquire the client/patient for you!

Problem #2

Marketing for Referrals

​Unfortunately, lawyers and providers focus and optimize their marketing efforts solely on getting clients/patients directly​, which limits their potential with referrals. 

​To fix this, adds another dimension to your growth by providing you with a platform to market directly to other lawyers/providers so you can receive referrals.

​Problem #3

​Finding Someone to Refer to 

​​Referrals aren't always about receiving. ​There may be times when you need to ​refer a Personal Injury case to someone. The problem is finding the right person to refer a case to. ​

For example, you're a lawyer with a client that lives ​in a different city so you don't know which doctors to refer the client to. Or maybe you're a doctor who doesn't know which lawyers are better to work with than others. ​

​ is designed to make this process easier by allowing you to search for the exact person you need.

A simple website with powerful tools to grow your Personal Injury Network.

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The basics of

​This is only the tip of the iceberg...

Step 1 - Listing

List your business (or claim it if it is already listed). As soon as it's listed, people can start finding you!

Step 2 - Ranking

Reach out to other Personal Injury professionals that you've worked with and get them to review you. The more positive reviews, the higher you will rank!

Step 3 - ​Scaling

​ is designed to grow with you. The more people that join the ​community will result in more potential exposure for you. You can amplify that exposure with hyper-targeted marketing that​ is exclusive to only this site!

​100+ Listings! ​ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?


​The Magic of

​Dr. Daniel Shaddock


​​This is awesome! I definitely plan on spreading the word!

​Dr. ​Scott Mitchell


​​Networking is ​so critical. ​​By bringing everyone together, this site can have an enormous impact on the industry!

​Rank on Merit, Not Budget

​Avoid the GOOGLE Rat Race

​Ranking ​your website on GOOGLE ​is an investment. ​You either need to spend a ​LOT of time or a LOT of money (or both) to see any sort of SEO benefits. This flawed system rewards those with a large marketing budget and fails to reward your quality of service. fixes ​this problem by using a ​search function that ranks you based on merit. By receiving ​more positive reviews than your peers, you'll start to rank higher in ​this ​site's search results! 

​Less Risk, More Reward

The Power of Referrals

​Shockingly, people forget ​that clients/patients ​need to be referred to someone (whether it's a lawyer needing a provider, a doctor needing another doctor, ​etc.). 

This is why you should market directly for referrals! ​By receiving a referral without spending a fortune, you're letting the referring party ​do the heavy lifting and you're reaping all of the benefits!

​Hyper-Targeted Marketing

​The Largest Database for P.I. Referrals

ON-SITE SEARCH. ​​This site allows for searches to be narrowed down to extremely specific ​locations, qualifications, and characteristics -- all tailored to Personal Injury referrals.

​ON-SITE ADS. ​While ranking is merit-based, ​there are some areas on this site that allow for you to ​promote your already-made listing. These ads can be ​made in less than 5 minutes and are extremely targeted!

​FACEBOOK ADS (Coming soon!). ​​​Facebook alone is unable to specifically target people that accept Personal Injury referrals. But, ​when combined with ​this site's built-in Facebook Pixel, is able to ​​create Facebook Ads for you so that you can hyper target ​this site's traffic and viewers of your listing! This level of precise marketing isn't available anywhere else!

​Track​ your results and progress.


Every user will have access to their own private dashboard. Within your dashboard, you can track your views, leads, reviews, private messages, and ad campaigns.


​Connect your GOOGLE analytics to your listing to determine ​the source of your traffic, how long people are ​viewing your ​listing, and ​so on!

​Not tech savvy? No worries!

​​ Academy

​Watch FREE online courses devoted to showing you how to maximize this platform. Find step-by-step instructions and videos that range from getting started to running ads!